Athletic Big Kids

Athletic Big Kids

We may have caught these girlies while they are taking a quick rest but don't let their precious smiles and calm bodies fool you. They are both serious, high-level, high-energy athletes. ⁣

Big sis is a basketball rock star who works hard at practice everyday with games and tournaments almost every weekend. We keep her put together and able to preform consistently.⁣

Little sis's superpowers are focused in gymnastics and include everything from tumbling to strength and conditioning several times per week. We make sure that her body continues to stabilize and grow strong while she is forever gaining more flexibility and mobility. ⁣

Through knee pain, ankle injuries, bumps, bruises, defeats, and victories, they understand the importance of being part of the Everwell family and how it allows them to keep doing the activities they love. ⁣

Do you have a big kid who is also an athlete? Or maybe they love to read (in funny positions on the couch)? Or an artist who spends hours hunched over their latest masterpiece? Their bodies may be more resilient than ours but they can often benefit from a little help as they grow into incredibly talented young ladies and gentlemen.

Michaela Laughrin