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I thought I already loved Everwell, but my gratitude for them, and Dr. Zoe specifically, grew exponentially this morning. My 11 year old has some serious general anxiety, especially anxiety around being adjusted. We saw Dr. Zoe and she was so calm and patient with him, explaining everything and helping him relax. She was able to adjust him in several places, with the whole adjustment lasting 10 minutes or more. For a kid that all but refused to even go to the appointment, and swore he’d never get on another chiro table again, he was relaxed enough to actually get a good adjustment for the first time in his life. I am beyond impressed and so so grateful!
— Leslie Castelberry

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I took my five month old for his first visit today. What has been a very high needs and seemingly constantly unsettled baby, had a completely transformed evening. He sat content while I cooked which has NEVER happened. My anxiety, related to his screaming between the hours of 3:30 and 10:00pm, is usually out of control. Tonight I just kept waiting for him to turn. He is blissfully asleep in my arms after an incredibly happy and relaxed afternoon. I’m not sure I have words, as thank you doesn’t seem quite enough
— Amber Jara