Balanced Muscles and Ligaments

Did you know that your low back or hip pain during pregnancy can be a sign that your pelvis is unbalanced? You might wonder why that would be an issue, but we need balanced muscles and ligaments to keep the ligaments that attach to our uterus and cervix balanced—see nerdy 🤓 second pic-those arrows point at big ole ligaments that connect your uterus to your pelvis. We want those bad boys happy as clams. .

Chiropractic care helps make sure that your pelvis is balanced and symmetrical making sure one leg isn’t shorter, hip rolled forward—this cause your pelvic floor to be imbalanced (leaking when you pee or sneeze 🤧?)—and can cause baby to move into an unfavorable position for birth.

Posture and muscle ton affect uterine ligaments and toned—the affect comes from habit—how we sit at our desk, walk, get in and out of cars, chase our kiddos, and sleep can tilt the pelvis and put strain on your uterine and cervical (and I’m not talking cervical as in neck ligaments.)

If you are having low back or pelvic pain during your pregnancy please please (yes I’m begging) find someone well trained to help you. It will make your pregnancy and delivery easier and who the heck 🤷🏻‍♀️ doesn’t want that.

Michaela Laughrin