Don't Forget about the "Big Kids!"


We sure do talk about moms and babies a lot, but don't you think for one second that we forgot about the 'big kids'!

This young gentleman is an avid runner and serious high school cross country and track athlete. He comes in frequently during season and even during off-season training to minimize pain and injuries, make sure that his joints and muscles are moving well, and ensure he is doing everything he can to stay in shape!

The knee is a super simple joint, it should really just hinge back and forth - if you are running and feeling knee pain, often that is a sign that your hip or ankle is lacking mobility and the knee is taking on more work than it's supposed to! Making sure that his ankle joints are moving well and not adding stress to the rest of the system is one of my top goals for every one of his visits!

If you have young athletes in your life, could they be performing even better? Could they use a tune up for injury prevention? My guess is yes!

Scott DeBoer