Healthy Travel

Healthy Travel

It's so frustrating when we try our hardest to put our health first and make sound choices for our own bodies and families and then it all comes crashing down due to one meal, or one day, or one weekend that went unplanned.

It can be super hard to get back on track making food and lifestyle decisions that we know will make us feel better.

This past weekend I (Dr. Z) headed to Kansas City for a quick trip to attend a wedding and catch up with old friends and I was DETERMINED to not let it derail all of the hard work I had put into feeling good!

Prioritizing you & your family's health goals in the face of temptation or travel does not have to mean missing out!

Before I left, I quick grabbed a cooler and threw in some of my go-to supplements & a shaker bottle!
This allowed me to make a lazy-girl smoothie using
-a scoop of yummy berry greens (which we have an even better brand on sale at the clinic right now 😉) and
-a couple scoops of collagen peptides (amazing for your hair, skin, nails, joints, and the lining of your tummy plus an excellent source of protein)
all just thrown in my shaker bottle with some filtered water. Its that easy!
I drank that as a snack on the road instead of stopping for gas station options!
I also avoided stopping for tempting summertime specialty drinks (hellooooo iced latte with honey) by throwing a bit of my lemonade flavored magnesium powder into my water bottle. Magnesium is SO important for being able find a state of 'rest & digest' - something all of our parents with a car full of kiddos probably need a little of 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 And lastly - when I finally did stop for some food with friends, I just HAD to hit up one of my favorite taco places & decided the gluten or corn in the tortilla options just weren't worth the digestive distress they would cause me & chose to ask for a lettuce wrap instead. BOOM, my favorite tacos totally guilt free!

A few other small replacements that helped me enjoy the weekend and jump right back into the *best job ever* on Monday morning WITHOUT feeling like I needed time to recover from my activities
-Epic brand jerky bars, a fresh avocado, & almond butter with a spoon also made it into my cooler which allowed me to easily resist stopping for fast food on the long drive home
-Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee packets are like superfood instant coffee that can be stirred into any hot cup of water (pictured is actually the chia latte instead of coffee, both equally yummy) - although I did prioritize coffee from one of my favorite stops, I was able to skip yucky gas station coffee or expensive Starbucks when I was ready for a second cup
-I also packed some electrolytes (again, we have them on sale at the office 💪) and drank them on my way to the wedding venue in preparation for a glass of wine or two - perfect for avoiding a dreaded headache the next morning
-And of course traveled with some of my favorite essential oils in case of stressful heavy traffic, a surprise headache, upset tummy, or even just a rough night of sleep in a strange hotel bed! It only takes a few basic oils to cover a TON of situations.

Michaela Laughrin