Normal Development

Normal Development

How do you know that your child’s development is normal? Well, with pediatrician well checks they will make sure that your child is meeting the required milestones.

What if what is normally accepted isn’t necessarily optimal for your child? There is a wide range of most medical considerations that a pediatrician might deem your child as falling in the normal range, or not far enough outside of it to be considered a concern--but there is a lot we can do as parents to make sure our kiddos are absolutely thriving. .
Their outward signs are an indication of how their brain is currently developing and affects how it develops moving forward.

This Thursday we are having a class to go over all things developmental for ages 6 months to a year at @shopcircleme. This class is for all parents or grandparents that are interested in learning more about how to connect with a special baby in their life. We will cover any and all questions you have on your babe’s eating habits, breastfeeding, their crawling, sleeping, pulling themselves up on this, and walking.

All kids develop in their own way, but it’s such an important thing to make sure they are following the proper steps because it’s not so much about how your baby eats or crawls, but each step along the way helps lay the foundation for the next one.

While this all may sound a little nerdy, we will make sure there is fun along the way. 😆🤓 If the stars align (ie her pooping, nursing and sleep schedule), baby Oriana will be there to supervise. 👶🏻💩

Michaela Laughrin