Preparing for Birth


While doing an intake for a patient--what she wrote about her past birth struck me, and struck me solidly in the gut. Birth is not just the beginning of life outside the womb for your baby, it is the birth of you as a mother (or you as the birth of a mother to this baby). While there are tons of variables that can affect how your birth progresses--one of the reasons that we work with families in this stage of life is to help not only the baby’s transition outside of the womb, but also the mother’s transition into motherhood go as smoothly as possible. While we can’t be there to support every birthing person during the birth of their baby, our hearts are always there. If we know someone is laboring, or having their baby, a little piece of our hearts are always with them during that time.

While we can’t guarantee that your birth will go the way that you had hoped or planned, and that is why we do what we can to make your pregnancy and preparation go as well as it can. Besides preparing your body for the transition it goes through to bring your baby into the world, we can connect you with local support resources who can help during your birth, so that is some small way, we can support your experience of carrying your pregnancy, and birth of your baby in a way that. This is the reason that we love what we do. ❤️👶🏻❤️

(anonymous intake shared with permission)

Michaela Laughrin