Toddler Care

Toddler Care

Toddlers love getting adjusted, even if they don’t want to admit it. 😂🙈

This cutie turkey 🦃 is much more interested in getting on the table if neither of us docs are there. 😂

We don’t talk often enough about toddler care—toddlers need to have their spines checked because of everything they put them through in a day.
Bumped noggins.
Skinned knees.
Sibling manhandling. 😂🙈

In a toddler, it isn’t so much about making sure they don’t have back pain—but the same misalignments that cause pain in parents, actually affect how their little bodies grow, and how well their brains 🧠 talk with their body parts.

When their brains and bodies aren’t connecting well it can show up as lack of coordination, restless sleeping, not pooping 💩 well, and in some kids can show up as allergies, inability to focus, and decreased immune systems. It’s all connected, so when their brains are talking well to their bodies—everything works better, and is healthier. (And they sleep better 😬).

We love working with toddlers and would be so excited to get the opportunity to work with yours! ❤️

Michaela Laughrin