Toddlers Live and Love Hard

Toddler Smiles

Big ole toddler smiles! 😃😃

Toddlers live and love hard—think about how many times your little one falls in a day, or bumps their noggin—I know i wouldn’t be feeling so hot if my body went through that. 🙈😬

These bumps and bruises can sometimes be nothing, but they can affect how their little bodies can relax at night 😴, how their systems communicate with each other, and how they grow.

Some good ways to tell if you if your toddler could benefit from care is if they have had a recent hefty (or even not so hefty fall), reoccurring sickness, ear infections, restless sleep, trouble pooping, or even if they are telling you something is hurting them.

Young kids heal up so quick—and they will actually get adjusted. Kiddos learn that it helps them feel better, so don’t worry if you are wondering if they will cooperate. 😬😂

Toddler years can be fun and challenging, we love making sure your babes are thriving, so that it’s as fun and as easy as it can be!

Michaela Laughrin