Tummy Time

Tummy Time

So you're supposed to do tummy time with your baby, but they don't like it--then what? Does it really matter?

We are going to go through some ideas on how we would approach a babe who is cranky with tummy time, and why it matters.

There are a couple reasons they may not like it--
-they can't see you well, and they are used to being able to (this one is easy to fix)
-it's like a workout for them, and it feels challenging
-they may be uncomfortable--this is more common in kiddos that have had difficult births, but can be from even the most peaceful birth--being born is hard work--they may also be uncomfortable from tongue or lip tie restriction (this carries into the body)

The first two are easiest for you to help them with---
-like in this picture, putting them up where they can see your face, and hear you close like a changing table, or on the couch while you sit on the floor at eye level can be a game changer. .
Doing it for just a minute or two after changing their diaper several times a day, or on the couch while you are watching a show can be an easy way to sneak this in.

We really like to see them flat on their stomachs, rather than propped up because being propped up, while it can help get tummy time, can hide some of the issues that would cause them to be uncomfortable. .
Great, because you get the tummy time in, but we don't want them to have to use the work around always.

A couple of things to watch for that may give you some indication that they aren't loving it because they are actually sore or uncomfortable--they may do some of these things otherwise:
-preferring to nurse only on one side or position
-only always looking one direction
-having their head tilted to one side
-if they are having some asymmetric shaping of their noggin

These are just symptoms of bio mechanical challenges that could also affect their ability to be on their stomach.

We consider tummy time one of several different positions that your babe needs to spend time in (and more so now that they sleep on their backs) in order to go through their gross motor learning. We understand having them scream to get that time isn't worth it for anyone.
On Friday at 1:30 we are going to be hosting a live FB event that goes through how to help your babe, a checklist of what you should look for all during those early months of 0-6 months.
We will be on to help answer any questions, but would love it if you had questions you wanted to share now to make sure we answered them. Just leave them below or private message us.

This class is great for any families who are expecting new babies, or have a baby in that time frame. Grandparents, and caregivers too! Please share with anyone you feel like would enjoy it!

Michaela Laughrin