Making Room


These pictures were taken exactly 10 min apart (almost exactly 1 year ago!). At a first glance, it may not be obvious the difference from the left to the right, but there is quite a bit of tension relieved from her tummy, ribs, and low back. ⁣

When we treat our pregnant moms 🤰🏻, our first goal is to keep then comfortable, and our second goal is help their bodies ease into each stage of their pregnancy, so that their babe is able to settle into their best possible position. ⁣

Not only does a babe in a good position help with your comfort, it allows them to get situated into their best possible position for labor. ⁣

Now looking back at these two pictures, does the one on the left look like her babe had the best ability to get situated as she needed? Now what about the right? Just a little more space and softness for the babe. ❤👶🏻

Michaela Laughrin