Concussions in Kids

Ever have one of your kiddos hit their head and your mom gut jumps in your throat and makes you want to go 🤢🤮? That’s usually a good sign that besides getting checked out for concussion symptoms (even at the ER, MD office or urgent care), it’s important to get their neck and rest of the spine checked. Besides that we have some good info below that you can use to super charge their healing.

The reason it’s so important for kids to get checked, and receive care is because there is no way to get a hit to the head like that, and not have their neck get cranked around a bit.

In addition, you can help their recovery by doing the following:
-massively limit screen time 📺—screens use way too much brain power on repetitive eye movements
-minimize car time 🚗—peripheral information from the traffic around them can be majorly too much brain input
-minimize risk of them receiving a second hit for at least 6-8 weeks🙇‍♂️-because their brains are healing, second hits during that time can be extra concerning
-super anti inflammatory diet—decreased sugar 🍭, gluten and dairy and upping good fats 🥑 and veggies 🥦. This will help support healing quicker.
-as long as they are cleared for longer sleeping times 😴—let them rest as much as possible.

You can see this dude definitely was comfortable with Dr. Zoe helping him out. You can see it’s super gentle care with kids of this age, and you can see him noticeably relax when he’s physically feeling better. It’s hard to be comfortable and get better when your neck is jammed up. Oh—and just because they haven’t bumped their head recently doesn’t mean that the same effects from the hit aren’t still effecting their neck. 😬🙈

Let us know if you have any questions at all!

Michaela Laughrin