ENT Probiotic


Already frustrated with how your kiddos have been sick this season? 🤧😷🤒 Or are you in need of stocking up on goodies to keep on hand, just in case?
This is one of our go-tos for our own houses for winter. It’s a probiotic that has strains that specifically help make sure that the microbiome (makeup of good bacteria) in your ear, nose, and throat are healthy. So in other words, this isn’t a broad spectrum probiotic (like of you take one for your digestive system) it’s just an ear nose and throat strain—how’d have thought they’d need their own?! Also, this can be taken by kids or adults, and it’s a lower cost than most probiotics.
As if best used:
-as soon as your or one of your family has a stuffy nose or drainage (especially green boogers)
-if you have a kiddo that struggles with ear infections -in addition to strep treatment -anyone has a cough .
We’ll continue going through other tools in our toolbox to keep ourselves healthy in the coming weeks!

Michaela Laughrin