Do You Remember This?

Let’s play a little game of “do you remember this?”⁣

We have two products we have found to help answer some of our missing favorites. 🥳⁣

The first—do you remember our ENT probiotic? Lots of families use it for when a bug or sickness strikes anything ear, nose or throat. This is one both doctors keep on hand in case they’ve been exposed to something and take at the first signs of coming down with a cold. We now carry the above alternative. 🙌🏻⁣…/⁣

The second-do you remember our soil based probiotic Prescript Assist? A fantastic probiotic option that was discontinued for issues with distribution. We now carry the one on the right that you’ll love just as much! Why soil based? Many clinicians believe the microbes cultivated in soil are most useful to our digestive systems. Here is the link to the one we carry:⁣⁣

Scott DeBoer