Neck Pain

When we talk about neck pain, what kinds of things do you think of?⁣⁣
Car accidents,⁣⁣
Sleeping funny,⁣⁣
Sitting at a desk,⁣⁣
Getting hit in the head,⁣⁣
Sports injuries,⁣⁣
Continuing with checking in on our "big kids" at Everwell, I wanted to share these pics of this young lady. She gets consistent care because of how active she is, and one of the things that we watch closely is how her neck is doing because of the types of activities that she partakes in.⁣⁣
Sometimes it's less about the physical motion your neck is taking to get an injury, and more about holding it still in "weird" positions.⁣⁣
If you take a look at the position of her neck in trap, vs archery, vs violin, those are all activities that require a great deal of muscle activation (tension) in a specific position.⁣⁣
Violin--tipped to the left ⁣⁣
Archery rotated to the left⁣⁣
Trap, tipped to the right (and then add some impact as well).⁣, and a supportive shoulder
We cannot forget about our "big kids" and summer is a perfect time to get them in for care and help get them healed up. ⁣⁣
We love working with them!⁣⁣

Scott DeBoer