Snowy Day Reading

Reading Materials

What did you do on your snowy (if you’re here in NE) day?

While my dudes took a nap, I (Dr. L) read through parts of these two books. For this baby, my focus seems to be way more on getting ready for our first few weeks being a family of 4 (well 6 🐶🐶).

Culturally (speaking of our collective American experience), we don’t honor those first few weeks nearly as much as our bodies, families and babies need us to. Part of this comes from the fact that we do not have family leave that fully supports this full process, and we have to do the very best with the time we can scrape together.

If you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or have someone in your life who is—please help our new families by reading what you can about the concepts that other cultures and traditions use to take care of their new families. A little bit of planning, and a little bit of community can go a long way.

I will continue to share as we continue to prep. ❤️👶🏻

Michaela Laughrin